Babbling, books and GOT

Oh it’s nice to have time to blog again.  To realise I have a few minutes spare and can record what we’ve been up to and what better way than joining in with Little Loves?

So this past week, the things that we have mostly…


I’m still reading this book and loving it.  I adore the writing of Elizabeth Taylor, (no, not that Elizabeth Taylor) and might just have to buy every book written by her after finishing this one.

I plan to do a full review, but I can tell you that it’s some of the wittiest and sharpest writing I’ve read.  A complete joy to escape into and its managed to take my mind off the stress of the house move wonderfully.

I’ve also been catching up on  a lot of blogs and particularly loved this post from Looking for Blue Sky about shows to watch on Netflix as I need some new ideas!  (See watched)


Babbling.  A whole heap of words that I can’t quite make out strung together in some kind of sentence expecting an answer.  The little lady is nearly making sense, but not quite yet.  I keep thinking I need to record it, I forget how the boy was at this age and the noises he made so I must make a video of the girl learning to talk.

I have been binge watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt over on Netflix and am almost at the end.  It’s one of those daft shows that you can’t quite decide if you like, but by then you’ve watched the whole series.  Addictive and fun.  And… Game of Thrones.  Oh Game of Thrones. It was the end of the series and I’m still thinking about it now.  Can’t say too much more because it will give the whole thing away, but… wow.

Lots of trips to the charity shop and tip.  The sorting is never ending.  Honestly, the junk in our house! How did we ever live with so much stuff?  The one good thing about a house move is that you have to have a clear out.  Even if you hate clearing out. Which I do. A lot.

Scruffs, so no pictures.  I’ve packed most of my clothes and am currently living in jeans and t-shirts.  In my head I’m this stylish girl running around in bright colours, in the mirror I’m a very mumsy looking woman with nothing to report.  I might paint my nails tonight though, so y’know, next week there might be a picture of some nail polish in this slot.

And Lastly….
We’re all getting very excited about the move. It’s a big move for us – over an hour and half away by car and far from all of our family – but now, despite the nerves, we’re really looking forward to it.  We went to check out the boy’s new school the other week and had a walk around the area.

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That view!  When I get the wobbles about moving I just have to look at this picture that I took with my phone.  This is the view I’ll see everyday.


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


This will be our morning walk.  After so many weeks of nail biting and wondering if it will really happen it’s finally looking like it will.
Have a wonderful weekend y’all!




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