Magic tidying, rubbish and rain coats…#littleloves


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, arrived this week and I have been devouring it.  Because we’re on the count down to the move, I’ve decided it’s a perfect time to get rid of all our clutter and this book has been helping me along.  I’m only half way through at the moment, but it’s already had quite an impact and helped me get through those agonising decisions over what to keep and what to throw out.  I have this image of our new home in my mind and it is not, I repeat, not, filled with junk!





I was browsing through NetFlix the other night and came across the film, ‘Sorry, Wrong Number.’  Having never seen it before, I thought I’d give it ago and from the first few minutes I was hooked!
Basically, an in picks up the phone, gets a crossed line and hears two people planning a murder.  It was brilliant. It seems I love film-noir and am now scouring through the archives for more.  I love the dramatic dialogue, the contrasting frames and the whole ugly side that it shows to human greed and disloyalty.  Love it.  Can feel new ideas for books and plots rolling up as I watch!

We had a little adventure over at Fell Foot this week and as it was rainy, waterproofs were all that we wore.  Seems my little yellow jacket has never had so much use! And this is summer???!! Looks like we’re heading for some sunshine next week, so have my fingers crossed that my shorts will get a chance to be worn!

Old music.  I was packing up our CD’s this week (CD’s?  Remember them?) and couldn’t resist playing some of them.  Top of the list was Seal, (which the husband referred to as ‘elevator music’ and good old George Michael.)

Rubbish.  Lots and lots of rubbish bags to be taken to the tip.  I predict this will go on for the next few weeks until we finally move!

I’ve been getting all kinds of anxious as the moving date approaches.  I’m mostly worried about how the kids will find the move, I know they’re resilient and adaptable, but it still stops me from sleeping when I think about how the boy will cope with moving school and leaving his friends. Then something happened this week that relieved a bit of the tension, I can’t yet put it up on the blog as it’s to remain a wonderful surprise for him,  but it was a small act of kindness from someone that doesn’t yet know us and it changed everything.
I was so grateful to this person and it made all the difference to my mindset.  So I must remember, when things seem overwhelming, when everything seems to be against you and it feels like you’re swimming upstream, things can change in an instant.
I also want to remember it for if I ever have the opportunity to make this change in someone else’s life, and it reminded me of this quote. I have it up in the kitchen on the chalkboard and will try to remember it – as the more stressed I get, I tend to forget that everyone else is just as stressed!



Have a great weekend!

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