Picture book?

This week I’m tackling the last part to my book and really trying not to rush it.  I love this bit – the bit where you know exactly what you want to write and all your characters have juicy things to say and do.
It’s hard not to rattle along.  I know that I need to take my time, that the ending of a book is the most important thing.  Having a lame ending, that leaves a foul taste in the readers mouth, is the absolute worst.  A book can be brilliant, but if it has a bad ending then it tarnishes the whole book. So, I’m taking my time, watching my word count and making sure I don’t rush it and I get it right. It’s hugely enjoyable.

And as usually happens with me around this time of completing a book, I get an idea for another one.
The other day, I had an idea for a picture book.  A picture book!  I know, not another adult thriller but a book for kids.  Young kids.

Taking out my notepad I scribbled my general ideas down and in a couple of hours had the layout. Still needs work but it’s all there – everything came together pretty quick, the ideas for illustrations and the questions it would raise. I got a bit giddy about it all to be honest.
Its a standard picture book, for ages four to eight and tackles the subject of anxiety (something I’m very familiar with.)

So now, what to do with it?  I want to show it to someone and get some feedback, but have no idea where to start?  Any ideas my lovely writer friends?
When you’ve written this kind of book, where do you go next?

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