Springtime, Silence and hats…#LittleLoves


So glad to be joining in with this linky this week.  I adore reading the Little Loves on other blogs and each time I don’t take part, I wish I had.
It’s been another busy week here, we’ve got out and been places and as we are still fighting off colds, it was nice to be in the (very weak) sunshine for a bit.  The house move is going painfully slow. After the rush of getting the house on the market and ready for selling, it’s now turned into a very boring waiting game. Showing viewers around is stressful so we’re all really wishing for a lovely family to come see our little house and snap it up!
Fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

So this week, the lovely little things that we have….

Not My Fathers Son by Alan Cummings was the choice for our book club and I finished it this week.  It was a great read, I really enjoyed it and wasn’t a book that I would’ve normally picked so I was glad to have been given this to read.
I’ve also loved reading life at the little wood blog. Emma, who writes the blog, has such wonderful style and her house is so beautiful that lets just say, with us moving, I’m very much taking note of all her style tips!

We have three really good things on the go that we’re watching at the moment and I look forward to the evenings when the kids are in bed and we can settle down.  They are: Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones and House of Cards.  The only thing we have difficulty on, is deciding on which on to watch!

Jackets, hats and wellie boots mostly!  We went out a for a few days and although the sun was out, it was still chilly.  I’m really looking forward to more summery weather so I can dig out my dresses.  I feel I’m living in jeans at the moment.

Silence.  We took a day out to Silverdale and it was so beautiful.  We had a walk in the woods, then made it out to a small beach.  It was too muddy to really go exploring, so we found a bench and sat down and it was very peaceful.  For the thirty seconds where the kids were quiet, it was immense. It was that kind of resounding silence that seems dense.  It was delicious!








I’ve made it through the first draft of my book.  A lot of work has gone into that first draft and although there is still tonnes and tonnes to do, I’m rather pleased that I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.  I hope to have it in some kind of order by the end of April and am getting all kinds of giddy knowing that it will soon be finished.

And Lastly…
Easter is happening next week, I can hardly believe that it’s going to be April already and we have lots planned. I’m hoping for good weather, fun days out and cooking up some really great meals.  Baking is top of the list according to the kids.

Have a great weekend x



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