What I’m Writing – week thirty-nine

I’ve not really been writing much lately, but things have been moving forward.  My book is currently out with agents who have expressed an interest, so it’s all fingers crossed and feeling anxious when checking emails.
I really don’t like this part of the writing process and although I tell myself that it’ll be fine whatever the outcome, I still get worked up about it.  I mean, who likes rejection?  No one.  And if anyone says that they don’t mind getting a big fat no then they’re lying.
It’s just one of those things that’s out of my control, I have to accept that I can do nothing about it,  so I just have to…‘let it go, let it go’ (and yes, I am singing the Frozen song as I type these words, and yes, I do tend to sing it every time I refresh my email)

I know the best way to get through this submission phase is to start on a new book, but with the house move, I can’t really expect to start another project. I’ve told myself that it’s okay to wait until we’re settled before starting anything, but having said that, I keep thinking over ideas. Wondering if a certain character will be fun to write about, thinking about what setting would be good.  Churning over how exciting it will be and if the idea is worth developing.

And this is the part I love, the one where my mind is fitting together the parts of the story like a puzzle.  It’s always the same for me; I have the character, the one plot point and the end and nothing else.  So here’s the time I walk around in a daze, not quite listening to things being said to me and when I do, wondering if it will be any good to put in a book.
I have two ideas bouncing around at the moment and not sure which one to go with.

How do you pick on an idea for a book?  How do you know if it’s worth pursuing?  I’m unsure if I should put them to a vote…would you lovely people read the tag lines when I’m ready and tell me which you’d like to read about?


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