Zoflora review

This blog is woefully neglected, but I have a good reason.  We’re moving house and it’s horrendous!  The amounts of time and energy it’s taken up have bordered on ridiculous. Anyway, the end is finally in sight with a completion date almost set.  The lovely people at Zoflora reached out and asked if I’d like to review some of there product and as I’m in a state of a cleaning frenzy, I jumped at the chance.

There is so much stuff to go through when moving house, so much, well, junk. But the kind of sentimental junk that you struggle to make a decision about getting rid of. So we’ve been filling bin bags and making trips to the tip and cleaning up what has been left behind in an effort to make the house appear clutter free and fresh. Quite the task when you have a demanding toddler making mess as quickly as you clean. We were sent a bottle of Zoflora to help us along and thank goodness! I chose the scent Linen Fresh which is, quite frankly, divine.

I’ve never used Zofora before this and to be honest was a bit daunted about the warning signs and the instructions that told me to dilute it and to what extent, (I know, I’m a rubbish with these kind of things) but once I got over it and started using it, it was great.

We have a lot of laminate flooring and it’s been brilliant on that. It fills the house with a lovely fresh smell that I’ve found to be wonderfully soothing as I’m rushing around. I’ve used it mostly on the floors but also the bathroom – taking care to dilute and only use what’s needed.

I have to say that this bottle has lasted ages. I was sent this months ago and this review is terribly late, but the bottle is still being used, so it’s well worth the price tag. I really like it and will replenish my stock once this is gone, so thank you Zoflora and normal posting will hopefully return to normal on this blog once things begin to be a little calmer!

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